Charles Schacht Consulting specializes in helping businesses with technical challenges in the area of webpage development (PHP) , Java and C# programming, Embedded Design, Machine Vision and CNC Control Systems.

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We are located in the greater Los Angeles Area in Manhattan Beach

  • C, C#, Java, Javascript, SQL, MySQL and PHP
  • CAD/CAM Software Design
  • CNC Controller Design
  • Embedded System Design
  • Machine Vision/Survelliance Systems
  • Web Design/Domain Setup/Email Setup
  • CRM Development, Telesales and Customer Management
  • Over 20 Years of manufacturing experience in hardware and software design.
  • Senior level hardware design and electrical engineer with experience in digital and analog design.
  • Visual Studio C# programming expert. Expertise in Visual Studio SQL Server.
  • Expert in Embedded Control systems with ARM and PIC processors. Have worked with machine code and C.
  • Atmel SAM4E ARM processor Expert
  • Solidworks Expert
  • Specializing in CAD/CAM software design with emphasis on 3D rendering and NURBS.
  • Proficient in a wide variety CAD development environments as shown below in the Computer/Hardware experience.
  • Expertise with the maintenance, upgrade, and design of large-scale electro-mechanical systems.
  • Machine Vision programming with integration into a robotic/CNC system.
  • VLSI design and test expertise (ATE) with 0.5um Gallium Arsenide and 0.18um CMOS operating at 0 to 2.4 GHz. Provide both design and production support.
  • Offering results driven professional expertise to help increase productivity, decrease costs, reach goals and support corporate strategic objectives.
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    B.S. Electrical Engineering - University of Pittsburgh
    B.S. Physics - Ohio State University


    Test Equipment Proficiency: Oscilloscope, RF meters, Voltmeters, Frequency analyzers, High Voltage Probes, VLSI chip testers, Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR), RF probes.
    Software Language Proficiency: C, C#, Visual Studio, .NET. , VBScript, Javascript, DHTML, SQL, PHP, Verilog, Spice, Fortran, Cadence Skill,
    Operating System Proficiency: Windows 7, Unix (Sun), MS-DOS, Windows/NT, Windows/XP, VAX VMS, OS/2., Linux
    CAD Proficiency: Solidworks, Atmel Studio 7, Altium Designer, Cadence Layout, IC Craftsmen, HSPICE, Powermill, ORCAD, Powerview, Verilog-XL, Tangate, Dracula LVS and DRC, Signalscan, Visio, AutoCAD, Labview.
    Office Software Proficiency: SQL Server, QuickBooks Pro, MS Office, Excel, Word, Dbase IV, Business Plan Pro, Telemagic (Contact management), Access, FrontPage.
    Music Composition: Protools, Sonar/Cakewalk, MIDI.

    Advanced Micro Instruments, Huntington Beach, CA
    Electrical Design Engineer to support the design of Oxygen and H2S analyzer technologies

  • Embedded programming in C using Atmel studio 7 for Atmel SAM4E ARM processors
  • Embedded programming in C using PIC processor
  • Spearheaded ERP installation of Macola. Provided support for porting Business Vision database to SQL server database.
  • PCB design using Altium Designer. Provided Library creation for all ICs part in inventory.
  • Rewrote Analyzer firmware to create an operating system for all Analyzers.
  • Ported all Legacy Turbocad files to Solidworks Files.
  • Provided 3D modeling and mechanical design using Solidworks for machined assemblies
  • Created a document management system in Visual Studio C#
  • Created C# .NET Software program for analyzer PC interface program that provides customer support for troubleshooting and configuring analyzers via USB or RS232 interface.
  • Testing and evaluation of analyzers across temperature in a Temperature Chamber testing environment.
  • Created Test Fixtures using NI interface DLL with Visual Studio .NET framework

    Technical Consultant, Charles D. Schacht Consulting, Manhattan Beach, CA
    Provide consulting for all areas of electronic and software design, office administration, financial support and IT support. Provide support for account's receivable/payable, shipping and receiving, computer software and hardware installation/training, publishing of product literature, development of sales programs, product specifications, recompilation customer contact information and other administrative consulting for an office environment.

  • Created CAD/CAM Integrated design software (IDE) for 3D custom design using Visual Studio C#.
  • Designed 3D scanner for surfboard design.
  • Recompiled customer contact management database for over 3000 contacts for last customer.
  • Created sales program that replaced all paper-based catalogs with PDF files for e-mail based sales program.
  • Corrected and troubleshot all IT related problems in a Windows NT server base environment.

    Boeing Commercial Airlines, Seattle, WA
    Electrical Engineering support for wiring and cabling for Boeing 777 aircraft.

  • Developed Web based bundle router tools that identifies possible path from and to equipment bundles on the airplane.
  • Maintained Design Rule Checker (DRC) for Bundle Design Assembly
  • Created SQL web based solution to help with management of wire design configuration.
  • Worked with Lean team to optimize current software and staff resources.
  • Worked with aerospace connector assemblies and connector electrical requirements for 777 aircraft electronics.

    Senior Design Engineer, Vitesse Semiconductor Corp, Camarillo, CA
    Designed VLSI SONET products using Gallium Arsenide (0.5um) and CMOS (0.18um) technologies. Managed specifications, layout, routing and floor plan, simulation, packaging, ATE test plan development, characterization and production support for all projects.

  • Last SONET transceiver chip design is presently generating revenue.
  • Successfully designed 20+ macrocells and I/Os that had first time success.
  • Designed Source Coupled FET Logic (SCFL) and Common Mode Logic (CML) macrocells that operated at 3 GHz.
  • Led design team that completed two gate array libraries of macrocell and I/O's while working with the Gallium Arsenide ASIC design group.
  • Created HTML based illustrated online training to explain Gallium Arsenide ASIC design flow.
  • Implemented plan to optimize design cycle for 3 SONET products, saving six weeks of design time.
  • Provided laboratory troubleshooting for a variety of complex analog and logic design problems.

    Electrical Engineer, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Port Hueneme, CA
    System level engineering support for MK-23 Target Acquisition (TAS) Radar System used in self-defense systems on navy destroyers and aircraft carriers. Provided hands on support/repair for radar system aboard the navy ships, minor design changes to the system, operational training to the fleet, at-sea testing and changes to maintenance procedures.

  • Organized committee to put PCs in front of thirty office personnel.
  • Proficient with RF test equipment, TWT operation, waveguide installation, shipboard EMI issues, doppler processing, and other elements of shipboard radar operation.
  • Designed remote control system for MK-23 TAS radar used on unmanned ship during real-time weapon system testing.
  • Upgraded five radar system maintenance procedures.
  • System administrator for twelve PCs, includes network, software and hardware installation, and training.
  • Supported the training, testing and repair for 20+ navy ships while at sea.
  • Created electronic form based system using DBASE IV that replaced naval forms used in office.
  • Managed specialized radar test support during naval battlegroup exercise in Persian Gulf.
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